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What, me angry?

Sorry it took so long for me to actually do something with this turn-key blog you set up, but as you know the holidays this year were fairly somber, not to mention I had to reconcile this ‘anger” tag you hung on me.

Let there be no mistake, I_am _angry and not just a little pissed-off either, though it may be surprising exactly what has lit and keeps my fire going. For instance, do lying politicians set me off? Not so much, I learned a long time ago most of those no-good bastards will say, or promise anything to anyone they believe they want to hear and it doesn’t make any difference how off the wall crazy it is, For instance, the other day Mr. 9/11 (Rudy Juliani) had the audacity to proclaim that Obama should conduct himself more like Bush because we never had a terrorist attack when he was Prez. See what I mean?

How about Darth, err, Dick Cheney, you think he pisses me off? Nope, though I think it’s ten miles past ironic that a guy who was in an “undisclosed location” for almost eight years and went as far to even pressure Google to pixelate his residence for security reasons now can’t seem to stay out of the footlights, though to his credit all this current exposure might have less to do with causing trouble for Obama than with keeping his sorry ass out of prison.

You think all this partisan bullshit in Congress gets me going? Nah, politics always has and (sadly) probably always will be about power. Who has it and who wants it.

No, these things and many more just as insane don’t really make me see black, what makes me angry is that very few people are as angry as I am. I fear it’s becoming like what the Boss (Springsteen) described in Born in the USA.

“You end up like a dog that’s been beat too much
‘Til you spend half your life just covering up”

A whole class of people so use to being beat up by the system they just accept it and that makes me totally crazy! For instance; We’re fairly close to having some sort of new healthcare plan and if I understand it correctly,  something like 47 million people in this country have no healthcare at all and another 50 million are woefully under covered. During all the very partisan debates where in the hell were they? I saw some bat-shit crazy tea-baggers, but I’ll be damned if I saw any demonstrations by the ones that truly need  single payer healthcare and as bad as that is, it gets worse, a lot F’ing worse!

I’m pissed that we allowed our country’s perversion because of fear and lies generated by energy company’s and delivered by our so-called leaders, but I’m super PO’d that those responsible are not being held accountable.

I’m pissed because we water-boarded folks and said it wasn’t torture, even though we executed a few Japanese after WWII for the very same thing.

I’m pissed because we’ve been exposed to sooo much 24/7 bat-shit crazy hypocrisy  we think it’s normal.

I’m very pissed because no one will, or can tell me where 800 billion dollars that George Bush stole during his last month in office actually went.

I’m pissed because we started an unjust war against a sovereign nation, (for no reason other than oil) though I admit I’m probably not as ‘miffed’ as the family’s of the million, or so that’s been killed so far.

I’m mad because our country is no longer for and by the people. It’s more like, by the Corps. for the rich, people be damned.

I’m mad and tired of wars too! It seems like this country’s been fighting, or, at the very least, bombing the snot out of somebody all my life and even though there are most certainly things worth fighting and dying for, all wars pretty much suk! Especially the war on drugs and terrorism, not only are they totally unwinnable, the first casualties were some of the very freedoms our country was founded on.

But mostly I’m mad at my generation. You see,  I thought we’d “change and rearrange the world,” unfortunately at some forgotten moment we started down the dark side. Now, whether it ends up consuming us all isn’t clear at this time, but for damn sure it’s already taken a couple pounds of flesh.

So yeah, I may have an issue, or five, but if you’d been around the block in this rabbit hole world as many times as I have, well, you get my drift..

Till next time,

keep your eyes open and don’t let the bastards beat you down…


BTW, We’ll be getting rid of that damn grove spider as soon as I figure out how!

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