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Sorry I haven’t been posting of late, but  the massive amount of bullshit has been a bit overwhelming. It’s like there isn’t time to savor the anger generated by these idiots before they spew some new crap, it’s almost as if there’s some contest to see who can spread the most garbage the fastest..

Remember the earthquake down in Haiti? Absolutely terrible things happened to folks that didn’t have a pot to piss in to begin with and then that great Christian Pat Robertson claimed they deserved it because of a deal made with the “devil” for their freedom a hundred fifty years ago, WTF? Heh, I guess  Pat’s God is old school,(testament) but speaking of dudes that deal with the devil, wasn’t Pat trying to cut one for a piece of a diamond/gold mine with Charles Taylor when he was running Liberia? Y’all remember Charlie doncha’? I guess Pat was able to look past the fact that Taylor was an evil butchering bastard, but unfortunately for Pat and his mining dreams it didn’t work out and Charlie’s currently awaiting trail in the Hague for crimes against humanity. So tell me, who was dealing with the devil?

The fear mongers have been at it full tilt too, remember the underwear bomber? This troubled dude sat out to destroy a plane full of folks with a bomb in his underwear, unfortunately (for him) only to scorch his nads, but lo and behold he had “ties to Al queda!” More bullshit! If Al Queda, or Joe Blow for that matter, wanted to blow up planes they’d be falling like rain in a summer thunderstorm. There’d be no need for panty bombs, you see, next to none of the air freight, or US mail is ever inspected and it sits right beneath your seat! The TSA does essentially nothing to make your air trip safer, they do however spend a shitload of money trying to make you feel that way. There’s two ways to use aircraft as terror weapons. One, you just blow it up with a device in the cargo, or you commandeer the cockpit and use it as a (human)guided missile. To stop the latter all that’s needed is a secure cockpit, the former takes inspection just like passenger’s. Folks, this is common sense, but these days there looks to be little use for that when scare tactics work so well.

Then there’s ignorance and what a bountiful harvest we have! Take the Teabaggers for instance, I don’t think I have ever seen a group so completely fucked up and trust me I’ve seen a few. When you take a hard look at these folks, their “big socialist government” bullshit aside,  it’s very difficult not to think they’re driven by racism. I mean, where the fuck were they when Georgie Boy was starting wars and looting our treasury, not to mention Katrina as well as a myriad of other blunders including the one on 9/11/01, but what really gets me is their over the top dumbfuckery when it comes to healthcare. Here is a group of people who are doing their utmost to help an insurance industry that has never saved a life, never came with a new procedure and as far as I can tell just takes money off the top of everything, but why? Is it their hate of socialism, or do they believe folks that can’t afford healthcare somehow deserve their lot, or is it just veiled racism/classism? First of all lets examine their socialism cry, I shouldn’t mention that most of these people wouldn’t recognize socialism if it ran over them in a Wal-Mart parking lot, I mean when you rant about not socializing Medicare your argument takes a big hit right off the bat, doncha’ think? I also hear that, well, you know if the govt gets involved they’ll screw it up. Heh, if that’s the case we need to get all those nuclear weapons away from the Govt before they, well, you get my drift. So, no, I don’t think that’s the issue that’s driving their madness and that pretty much leaves the class thing, i e, because they’re poor they deserve no healthcare, either that, or it’s just racism by another name, but in any event, it’s fucked up for sure!

Ignorance isn’t just involved with healthcare, let’s review the “war on drugs” too, okay? We’ve been “at war” now for over a generation and to what end? Well, if you’re into spending untold billions incarcerating millions of folks for just getting a buzz I guess the “war” is worth it, but it hasn’t done squat otherwise. Pot is everywhere, but what really drove this home to me was a couple years ago when Georgie Boy said we’re losing the “war.” OMFG, really? I realized he was setting the stage for more money and not actually giving an honest appraisal, but it got me to thinking. Here we are, a country that spends more than the next ten nations combined on defense and we’re getting our asses handed to us by a bunch of dopers, WTF? I dunno about you, but there’s an old saying about throwing good money after bad that I think we should heed. Legalize it, tax it and move on. Oh yeah, don’t forget to let the half million or so non-violent drug offenders out of prison too…

Till next time, keep your eyes open and don’t let the bastards beat you down…


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