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President Obama,

I and many others like me voted for you because we felt this country was headed in the wrong direction and change was direly needed. We then languished for a year watching you try to deal with the whores in congress for health-care reform, to really no avail. You see, without a public option there is no tangible health-care reform, just more of the same old, same old. We also waited (for almost two years) and still wait for sweeping market changes, along with federal criminal indictments for the thieves that that stole about a trillion of our dollars and collapsed not just ours, but pretty much the worlds economy. Now I see you’re studying the gulf catastrophe to see who’s ass to kick, WTF?

As of now it’s been fifty(50) days since that well went rogue and you haven’t figured it out yet? Newsflash Mr. President, it’s our nation that’s getting it’s ass kicked and the big multi-national corporations are doing it! With all due respect sir and please forgive me for being so blunt, but it’s time to shit, or get off the pot. Either you’re with the people of this country who believed in you and worked hard to put you in office, or sadly you become just another corporate shill not much different than your predecessor . Yes, you talk a good game, in fact a damn impressive one, but now it’s time to walk the walk. BP is a sociopathic outfit if there ever was one, it has a long (criminal) history of lying and killing people, not to mention polluting our country. If it’s not completely evident to you by now that they, just like the health insurance industry and big Wall Street banks, only care about the bottom line and see our nation and it’s citizens as a plum to pick then I’m fairly sure you can pretty much forget about that one thing all first term administrations want most of all, a second term. Yes, I realize they have a deal to furnish fuel to our far flung and vastly over used war machine, but trust me on this, BP just like you can be replaced. Please listen carefully Mr. President, BP and all of it’s assets you can grab (along with all the top brass’s passports) should be immediately seized. It’s said every presidency has it’s defining moment and as far as I can tell you’ve let two get by already, take some advice from down here in the cheap seats and don’t miss this one too, ’cause that’ll be three strikes and I’m fairly certain you won’t need to study much to know what happens then.

In closing Mr. President, this time there has to be consequences and BP must forfeit..

T3, the Angry Floridian….

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