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We, as a nation, are pretty much reactionary, that is, we always seem to be either looking for someone to blame, or trying to pass laws to fix whatever mess we find ourselves in at the moment and hardly ever address the reasons.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s immigration, energy, health care, or our bullshit wars on (fill in the blank)_______. Sadly, solving the actual cause seems to be always just beyond our grasp. Don’t believe me? Well, lets take a look at illegal immigration for instance.

The last time I checked, most, if not ALL of the illegals that show up in our nation are not here to vacation, or to check out the sights, they’re here to work, but when was the last time anyone heard of an employer fined, much less going to jail for hiring illegals? It just doesn’t happen, (often enough) or with any regularity and given so many of our fellow countryman are unemployed these days you have to wonder why. There’s little doubt some employers use illegals for lower wages and a quick check of the law shows why, there isn’t any penalty, or if there is it’s waived, or never enforced because there isn’t anyone ever around to enforce it. A few years back laws were passed that mandated social security number checks, only problem is they take many months and really do nothing except to check the validity of the number, BFD! How about we take a little from the wing-nut whack jobs out in Arizona and make employers demand a real birth certificate, naturalization papers, or green cards that actually match a SS number as prerequisite for ANY AND ALL employment in this country? Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it, but without any teeth it doesn’t mean a squat. However, put a hundred thousand dollar fine for the first infraction and real, no bullshit, go straight to jail time for the next and I think you’ll see change pretty damn fast! Of course we need control of our frontiers just like most every other nation does, whether that means walls,  surveillance, or whatever, it doesn’t really matter, but in the end the single most effective way to reduce illegal immigration will still be holding employers accountable, it’s just common sense, at least to me. BTW, I strongly feel Arizona’s new law is not just ill advised, it’s an outright affront to the constitution. Heh, can you imagine trying to implement such bullshit here in Florida? Yeah, I’m thinkin’ that would workout good. (maybe fuckin’ not!) If you think an illegal alien is some dude driving a car with a foreign flag and a La Cucaracha horn you might wanna think again, if not take a drive down through Okeechobee, Belle Glade, or cruise Calle Ocho and Hialeah, see how that works out and get back to me. The problem, or cause lies firmly on employers and really no one else, handle them and watch illegal immigration become much more manageable and you can pretty much take that to the bank..

Till next time, keep your eyes open and don’t let the bastards beat you down…


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