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For those who are age challenged, the term “silent majority” was resurrected by ole’ tricky Dick (Nixon) and was meant to represent the hard working middle class. You know, those smucks who were laboring to achieve, or hold on to a piece of the American Dream, that is, own a home and offer their children a better way. To many of us our home was like a savings account, we invested in it, took care of it knowing that if, or when the time came and we needed it’s equity it would be there. Well, guess what? It’s apparent now that not only did a few of our largest banks game the American Dream to fail, they actually bet big fuckin’ bucks that it would and when it did and the whole house of cards started to crumble, we, the taxpayers had to bail the rat bastards out! (For some very good, but extremely scary insight see Matt Taibbi’s page at RollingStone.com) This has got to be the greatest robbery and extortion in the history of mankind, but it gets even better.(for them) It looks as if no one is going to prison, is this a great country, or what? I mean, just imagine for a second if  Al Qaeda  had orchestrated this deal, hell, the whole middle east would be a glass parking lot by now, but these greedy asshats get a pass? Fuck that and fuck them!

So, where’s the silent majority? I mean WTF? Don’t they care that a few rich and greedy assholes swiped a whole bunch, if not all of their hard earned security? I don’t know about you, but when somebody steals from me I get pissed and whether you buy in to this drivel, or not you’ll be hard pressed for an explanation other than outright theft followed a huge dose of extortion. It’s not the first time either, Google the saving and loan B/S back in the 80’s and while there are other examples of their greed/theft this one is most definitely the greatest, so far.

Here’s the big question, who’s fault is/was it? Most want to point fingers everywhere but the obvious, either that, or they say it was a “complex situation” that just got away from them. BULLSHIT, there are a few complex things in life, but this ain’t one of ‘um! The government let us down, of that there’s no doubt, but why? MONEY, that’s why! Money has corrupted our government and both political party’s and until we, as a nation take careful and lasting steps to remove it’s overwhelming influence from our political system we can only look forward to the next bursting bubble, but do absolutely nothing to avoid it.  I’m not just talking about Wall st. either, money is, or was the root cause on how most things got fucked up in this country, from illegal immigration, to health care, to the housing market, to education, not to mention our ever expanding militarism, it’s all about money and who has the power to manipulate our government to make the most the easiest and until every last lobbyist and political action committee are run out of DC (or put behind bars) “ain’t nothing gonna’ change”…

Till next time, keep your eyes open and don’t let the bastards beat you down…


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